Sound Masking is the “cover” up portion of privacy. Checkpoint Communications understands the importance of privacy and can help design a sound masking system to help give you, your company and customers a quality environment.. 

 Sound Masking is the "cover" or reducing of noise distraction.  It is the addition of an unobtrusive background sound, similar to airflow, to reduce the intelligibility of human speech and reduces distractions. The resulting environment leads to greater productivity and increased privacy and comfort.

Top 4 reasons and benefits for sound masking:

  1.  Sound masking offers confidentiality and speech privacy anywhere people need privacy, or to protect their conversations from being overheard by others.
  2. Employee Productivity: Studies show productivity goes down by as much as 40% because of noise and distractions. Sound masking can raise productivity by 15-35%
  3. Data Entry Errors: The Data Entry Management Association states that data entry errors can go up by as much as 38% because of office noise and distractions. Sound masking can lower data entry errors by as much as 34%.
  4. Employee Stress, mental fatigue, burn-out can lead to turn-over, especially in call centers. Sound masking can help reduce employee stress, mental fatigue, burn-out and potentially lower turnover. 

public address systems

Structured Cabling Services

  • ​​As-built documentation and certified testing
  • Indoor/outdoor structured Voice, Data, Copper, and fiber installation that meet or exceed ANSI/TIA/EIA specifications
  • Service Agreements
  • Restoration including testing, documentation and termination
  • Wireless network design and installation
  • Data center design
  • Port Activation/patching
  • Technology Infrastructure upgrades
  • Moves, Adds, and changes
  • Infrastructure audits and certification
  • Wireless LAN
  • Riser Management


Checkpoint Communications can design a Mass Notification system that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Our Design Engineers will design a new system or add and change your existing system. 

Emergency Mass Notification System - Notify anyone, anywhere on any device. In an emergency, being able to communicate is critical. A Mass Notification System is defined as a platform to deliver a message to a small or large group of people. Traditionally these systems offer one-way delivery via email, text, or reverse 911. Checkpoint Communications understands the importance of Emergency Mass Notification.

One-Way emergency communications systems are intended to broadcast emergency information in a building or area via audible, visual or textual means. An emergency communications system can be a dedicated system, or it can be made up of a number of integrated systems. There are several ways to develop and build a system, Checkpoint Communications allows for stability and flexibility in the design of creating a system to meet your needs.

audio video

Checkpoint Communications offers a large variety of audio and visual communication products that can be combined to create a unique, one-of-a-kind application for your company. 

Our estimating team uses the most current technologies in our designs; an advantage with our design team being both Extron and Nicet certified, we are able to integrate digital audio/video systems for several different markets and industries. Because we specialize in products, system design, and services for audio, video, and digital media management and distribution, we are able to give your company the design and installation that fits your company’s unique needs. 

advanced i.t. systems

Voice/Data Copper & Fiber

Checkpoint Communications is BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD) have extensive experience in evaluating, planning, designing and implementing cable infrastructures. 

 Your Voice, Data, Video and Security networks are only as dependable as the cabling infrastructure that ties them together. Checkpoint is a leader in the structured wiring industry. We understand and realize how important it is to protect your assets while safely minimizing operational risk and disruptions to your business. We work closely with architects and engineers to increase your business performance with a well-designed, installed, and certified system, all the while avoiding costly issues. 

At Checkpoint Communications, our professional design and engineering team will help give you an effective state of the art equipment design to meet your companies needs. 

An effective paging system in the workplace is irreplaceable for businesses that rely on intercom communication for successful day to day operations. 

If your paging an employee in a crowded office, making a public announcement at a sporting event, or giving an emergency announcement at an academic facility, an effective communication system is key to dispersing critical information to the right people at the right time.

We work closely with you to determine to right system for your needs and identify the best workable solution for your budget. Our team will professionally install your personalized system using equipment offering the latest technology available.